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From Hobbled to Healed

When I was hobbled, trying to figure out how to eke from life what I needed, I searched for things and people to fill me, to complete me. Anne Lamott1 expresses the longing beautifully: There was usually an initial flurry of hope and sex, maybe even of rich love, but ultimately we discovered that it […]

In Deep Time, 2

The Inchoateness of Being [T]his slow process of transformation and the realizations that came with it were not either-or decisions; they were great big both-and realizations. None of it happened without much prayer, self-doubt, study and conversation, but the journey itself led me to a deepening sense of what the church calls holiness, what Americans […]

Three Generations

There I am, barely three months old, snuggled between and basking in the love of my mother and her mother.   My mother had me when she was thirty-six; she wanted a second child to name after her beloved father Sam who had just died.   She took the first letter of his first name […]