The Devil’s Vacation


To All Advocates, Workers and Minions:

Effective immediately, due to your efficacious, tactical implementation of my astute and well-contrived strategies, I hereby announce a worldwide, month long vacation for all!

While I recognize that a few of you are still under probationary review for your imprudent and idiotic errors regarding your “clients,” the majority of your coworkers have fulminated, tantalized, flattered and maneuvered in such profoundly fruitful ways, I have decide to be magnanimous and include you all in this indulgent decision. To wit:

  • Underdeveloped countries’ enduring sex slave trade grows in spite of all-out efforts by God believers to stop it.
  • Wealthiest countries persevere to plunder the planet’s resources, burying their heads further in the sand about God’s ownership of everything.
  • Massive hunger and poverty persist because a) humans still refuse to divide the plentiful resources they already have, and b) those who possess the greater wealth also believe they possess the greater intelligence.
  • Corporate and political greed flourish under the self-deluded concept (and outright lie) of The More I Make, The More I Will Do For Others.
  • Churches and religion continue to lie to themselves and others about God. They deny those who Jesus welcomed, protect those who abuse, and worship dogma and tradition instead of the Creator. The strategy of divide and conquer has worked amazingly well.
  • Civil wars rage in still more countries with no sign of cease fire.
  • More humans than ever before refute our existence even though they see our work every day: corporate greed, mass murder, rape, senseless violence, bigotry and hatred.

At this point in time, our involvement could only serve to inadvertently dismantle a bomb that is about to detonate on its own.

Upon our return, I shall meet with all Advocates to unveil a structured and focused New Blueprint. The scope of this new guide will be on a wider scale than you have ever imagined, the execution of which will require regimented oversight and cunning surveillance of your former clients. This new strategy will allow for no loopholes or makeshift methods of trickery. Our Adversary is wily and our “defense” must be aggressive; our force must be of pinpoint accuracy.

I will not now reveal the specifics of the new strategy; nor will acceptability or feasibility be discussed with workers or minions. However, I will say that it will involve three separate tiers of direct attack.

  1. Heavy concentration on further division of Christ’s church
  2. Frontal assault to engage all people groups in despondency, fear and doubt
  3. Unceasing public and private denunciation that our existence is a figment of undeveloped and irresponsible imaginations

Though I anticipate you will relax and enjoy this time off, as your High Commander I also expect you to return with heightened awareness and commitment, and in operation readiness. In full contemplation of our eventual goal, I cannot emphasize enough your full engagement and responsibility in this pursuit.

For those of you on probation, reviews will be conducted quickly, rigorously and without regard for family connection. You will be “earmarked” for “special duty” should you failed to pass muster.

I will see all Advocates exactly one month from today, Head Office, 7:00am, GMT.

In the meantime, relish this time to yourselves. It may be the last.

Most Assuredly Your

High Commander,



(This post was inspired by paulg at Just Me Being Curious)

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  1. I expected it to be signed by old Screwtape in a letter to his nephew Wormwood…..always mentoring his evil ways. A good reminder, though, that “Screwtape” and his followers are always hard at work while Christians may be unaware or be asleep. I wish that “The Screwtape Letters” would be read by all those who believe in Christ. And of course, this “devil’s memo”…brilliant. Then we would know why we must put on the whole armor of God.

    1. Absolutely! I hoped it would be a fond read and just that good reminder. 😉

  2. Hmmm… it sounded like a movie script. But we know that Satan is NOT a figment of our imagination, he is an adversary. Thank goodness for the cross of Jesus Christ to insure that Satan is a DEFEATED adversary. Thanks for describing the spiritual warfare in a way that gets our attention and reminds us how much we need Jesus!

    1. Absolutely, Debbie. Thanks for the read and the declaration that the enemy is, in absolute fact, defeated!

  3. I have been reading the book “Spiritual Warfare” by Carl Payne. You’ve nailed it. Terrific post.

    1. Thanks! I’ll have to check out the book. 🙂

      1. Realized I spelled his name wrong, it is Karl with a K.

  4. He’s been beaten once and he will be beaten again. Very interesting and powerful premise with this one, Susan. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

    1. Agree with you 100% Natalie!
      Thank you so much.

  5. Haha…and, wow, the devil has a lot of faith in his minions. That’s impressive. 🙂 I agree with Rolain’s comments in this–we DO need a change in the way we see the gospel. And how we see ourselves and each other. One thing the enemy has no strategy whatsoever against is the furious love of God. It makes his strategies fall like a house of cards and strips him of his power..

    Another enlightening post, Susan. Loved it. Blessings.

    1. Thanks, Mel. Yes, we do need to change, and give up our own agendas to follow Jesus.

      And you’re right, too Mel. God’s love surpasses everything.

  6. Jonathan Swift is what this reminds me of. Have to read it several times. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Beth. Huge compliment, coming from you, my friend. My noodle was piqued by a line in a brilliant writer’s blog. Couldn’t get it out of my head. It’s been percolating for a few weeks. A departure for me; spreading my wings a bit.

  7. Now this reminds me of C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters.

    1. Oh, what a huge compliment, Susan. Thank you!

      1. I’m a fan of the old gent.

  8. bunnyb1802 · · Reply

    Loved it. Whilst humorous, it also highlights the successful strategies so far of the devil and his minions in binding up creation in fear, despair, loss of hope. We must concentrate our efforts also as the days grow shorter and time is running out. We must be the best that we can be, with God’s help, and do that which He has called us to.

    1. Amen, Bunny. Love wins out. Battles may be won, but love wins the war.

  9. Looking at all that us going on in the world I can’t help but feel helpless. Where did we go wrong as believers? Do we still have a voice in this darkness and if we do is it still recognized? How do we make it heard?

    This post was hard to read because I think the enemy could take a month off. There is so much bad going on….
    For change to come there needs to be a change. A change in the way we see the gospel. A change in the way we live our lives. More and more I hear of Christians being martyred. They must be doing something right. To live this gospel there needs to be a wholehearted sacrifice. There is a price to be paid. But the next question i guess would be, are we willing to pay the price?
    With insurmountable odds against us God has called us to make a difference, to be a light, to be salt.
    Thanks for sharing this Susan.


    1. I don’t think it has to do with anything we’ve done wrong, Rolain. Even in the first century, Paul wrote about “this generation” who turned away from God.

      Remember who rules this world. The enemy welcomes anyone who loves the darkness. We must all continue with faith until He decides when to call us all into His arms again. We are His light and must, as Paul did, run the race set before us in Him and for Him, with His power and love.

      1. Thanks for the clarity. That makes so much sense…..

  10. Now this is a rumination and blossoming beyond my imagination!! 🙂 I went back to that chapter and had another look. And failed again to see what sparked His spark in you.
    Reading your post, I am wowed. By the content, style, packaging and “whole”. I so hope there is a post-vacation meeting report! Cliff-hanger, edge of seat stuff here!! Because your words are pinging away inside me. Sparking His sparks. Feeling a direction. Vague and unclear. But full of wow!

    What a treasure of words this is Susan! Concise, sharp, tempered steel. And so very very thought-provoking, Brewing underway here! Thank you – for whatever the spark was! 🙂

    1. Paul, I tried to go back to find what triggered this spark – while I rather enjoyed re-reading your articles, I couldn’t find the specific sentence! Spark to spark, I’m glad it happens between us at the the moment, because something electric happens for sure! I just know that reading your posts, your comments, is like lightning for me. Lovely lightning bolts of love and grace and dirt and thought and creativity. And isn’t that what Christian community is all about? 😀 Thank you for your generous words.

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