Dear Mom,

On the Upcoming Anniversary of My Mother’s Death

Dear Mom,

January 30 will be the 28th anniversary of your passing. It seems like so many more years have gone by, so much of life has occurred and disappeared.

The memories are so vivid of the few weeks before and the several weeks after. The terminal diagnosis, the fog in the hospital corridor, the roaring lion that came out of my voice insisting to relatives and doctors that we bring you home instead of shutting you away in a convalescent hospital.

A compassionate hospice nurse, the tearful and honest talks we had in the few days that remained, your last breath, the doctor who surreptitiously slipped your wedding ring into my hand just before the coroner arrived with his black bag, my horror of watching them take you away, my brother arriving just in time to kiss you good-bye.

Taking two days off to mourn, returning to someone packing up your home, stealing memories that to this day weigh heavy upon my heart. Weeks later, reaching for the phone every Wednesday at lunch to call you and check in, getting the number halfway dialed, then realizing no one would be there to answer. I legally took your first name as my middle name, afraid your memory would fade.

We used to talk about everything – about my worries, failures and successes. About your friends unable to talk with you when you were first diagnosed with breast cancer. More and more I missed those talks as I got older and made more and more mistakes. You were the only one who never considered me the black sheep of the family. You were the only one who understood who I was, down deep, down to the core.

Tears come spontaneously as I write this, and I remember people telling me after two or three short years that I should be over it – the death of you. The death of my only mother. I still miss you. I still ache to tell you everything, my sins, my successes, my transformation. I still grieve for my mother’s hug, still wish I could crumble into your arms and have you stroke my now-white hair, tell me it will be all right.

Somehow, as the tears continue to spill, I know you are reading over my shoulder. You are – have always been – a part of me, through my DNA but also through my spirit and my memories. You have given me the best of you, and I am thankful for that. You have given me the peacemaker, the writer, the heart of me. Hell, you even gave me the breast cancer. But you and God saw me through it. You always told me I was a risk taker and a survivor. You have given me the courage to go my own way. Because of you, I have.

And I will until I see you and God again, face to face.

Your loving daughter,

Susan Irene

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  1. Cheers! to that our particular mother.

  2. so much love and loss in your words. i felt them keenly, i am so happy that you experienced such a close bond together and so sorry she was taken by such a devastating disease.

    1. Thank you for your touching thoughts.

  3. Sorry you lost your mom. I still have mine and try to never take her for granted. Lost my dad about 3 years ago. Every time I think I’m doing ok without him, something will trigger a memory of him and I get to missing him all over again. Guess that just means I still love him! Blessings

  4. To share with her your transformation. Ah.

    Big hug.
    Enjoy your writing.

  5. Oh Susan, what a beautifully touching tribute to your dear mom. We only have one mom, that’s it. Time never changes that. Sending you my love, hugs and prayers my dear, lovely, sweet friend xoxoxo

  6. This is such a sweet letter to your mother. I think she knows how much you love and miss her. God bless you. Thank you for always reading my posts. :o)

  7. This is very touching and I hope you continue to experience healing as you journey on.

    1. Thank you. Healing is a lifetime journey; the feelings of sorrow have been replaced with peace because of the beautiful memories I have.

  8. Beautifully stated. ❤

    1. Thank you so much.

  9. A warm embrace x

  10. Just beautiful, Susan. I know exactly what you mean.x

    1. Thank you. I know you do.

  11. […] Reblogged from Susan Irene Fox: […]

    1. Bless you, my friend. It’s always special when we share a connection like this.

  12. Reblogged this on DottaRaphels and commented:
    When our memories are this beautiful, we joyfully keep going down the lane.

  13. “The death of my only mother. I still miss you. I still ache to tell you everything, my sins, my successes, my transformation.”

    That’s right Susan, just one mother :). She sounds like a really special lady. Your love and friendship really seeps through your words here;makes me look back and truly appreciate mine with my mother. You are lucky dear friend, not many can take this look back and still smile.

    In your heart and spirit,now and always, until when you both remain to part no more. Those word at the beginning genuinely conveys the bond you shared.
    Please permit me to reblog 🙂

    1. Thank you, Dotta, for these beautiful comments and for the reblog. Shared DNA doesn’t always make for a shared heart and bond; I am so blessed mine did.

  14. Wow. My heart is ripped wide open for you. What a gift you have to express such primal emotion. I can relate so freshly to your words as it has only been a year since my mom died of cancer.

    Sending you hugs, my new blog friend. I’m so glad we’re connected. Keep sharing your beautiful gift. Sharing the pain somehow eases the suffering. Thank you for sharing yours.

    1. You’re so welcome, Lori. Somehow, in certain circumstances, it remains fresh to this day. It’s not so much pain anymore, but a swelling in my heart. So glad, too, that we’re connected and we can share the ups and downs of life. Bless you, my friend.

  15. Thank you so very much for sharing…As I strolled through your post, I could see my dad….as if I were there. It’s been four years…..but he is always with me….he is one of the reasons I am. Again, thank you ❤

    1. Your so very welcome. Glad it brought good memories.

  16. Hugs, Susan. A lovely and moving remembrance. xo

    1. Thank you so much. xo back

    1. ❤ back to you, nav. Appreciate it.

      1. Lots of love in the WordPress universe.

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