What is the cost of revealing who I am? Will you now view me as a label? Will all you knew about me before dissolve in the revelation of the label I revealed on Monday? Have you put me in a box I wasn’t in before? How often do we glue labels onto people and […]

No, not that closet (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) It’s my sixty-sixth birthday today and it’s finally time to be free. I’ve been in the closet for too long because I’ve been gripped by stigma and shame. Only two friends and a small number of bloggers know about my illness because I am […]

Sitting across the table with The One Who set me free, enjoying a cup of early morning coffee.   He warms my hands in His. He speaks to me of Grace and Unity; the sweetness of His breath embraces me in unconditional love.   “Do not worry or be anxious; do not fear or grieve […]

Dear Lilka, Last week, someone commented on the introduction that preceded our letters, “I can’t understand where these turmoils (sic) come from.” How can I explain to my white brothers and sisters the importance educating ourselves about history, because remaining uneducated about it devalues the experience of those who went through it? How can I […]

We Christians talk about seeking light, as moths seek light in the darkness. The truth is, we talk more about darkness; we seek it and cling to it while offering rationalizations for doing so. Just look at this election. We desire Christ’s name, but not His words, not His commands. In our modern era we […]

When you see me, who do you see? A black face? Someone who evokes rage or fright, Undeserving mercy, grace?   When you see me, who do you see? Skin not white? Brown skinned, Latino, immigrant? Taking your jobs, not their birthright!   When you see me, who do you see? Islam front? Muslim, terrorists, […]

As a woman who, in the 1970s and 1980s, was groped during interviews for promotion in business (which I turned down), I have found Trump’s latest predatory comments reprehensible at a deep and visceral level. As a woman who has experience that, I can say with conviction, you never forget. It is an ugly, disturbing […]

When you see me, who do you see? A Black face? Someone who evokes rage or fright, Undeserving mercy, grace?   When you see me, who do you see? Blind and white and deaf; loath to step into shoes of your pain, color, grief or plight?   When you see me, when will you see […]

We are God’s precious children. And those of us reborn in Jesus are supposed to be a new creation. If we truly abide in the Spirit, we allow the love and grace of God to transform our hearts and minds. As such, we then love each other; we lift each other up. There is simply […]