Will this be a day of peace when no atrocities slash our screens, no brutality, hate of men; instead compassion swell the scenes?   Across the world, too many wars; we need more healing in between. Too much destroying, leaving scars; we need God’s love to intervene.   Amid what has become routine how will […]

Ted Talk by Anand Giridharadas

‘You must not murder. You must not commit adultery. You must not steal. You must not bear false witness. You must not defraud anyone. (Mark 10:19) Money and possessions. They were the stumbling blocks for the rich young ruler. But let’s begin at the beginning. As Jesus was starting out on his way to Jerusalem, […]

Originally posted on The Recovering Legalist:
This guest post was written by Susan Irene Fox. Her blog is appropriately called Susan Irene Fox. If nothing else, go to the about page on her blog and read her story of coming to faith in Jesus…good stuff! You’ll be impressed with Susan’s openness and sincere desire for…

  I was awakened Saturday morning by a beautiful, red-tailed hawk on a tree branch inches away from my open bedroom window. I heard the screeching and did not know what it was at first. A bird I did not recognize. Creeping silently to the window, I raised my head to see this wondrous creature […]

Are you pro-life or just anti-abortion? Please be honest. Be honest with yourself and with everyone else. If you’re simply anti-abortion, then please stop calling yourself pro-life. If you know your history, prior to Roe v. Wade, the “pro-life” movement was actually the Human Rights Movement, and was linked to the Civil Rights movement.  It […]

As we allow the Lord to till the soil that feeds our heart and mind, to grow and reach our greatest height we live in Spirit’s presence, grace.   Our hearts with love God gladly fills and His forgiveness gives in kind. He lets us choose to use His sight to see His child in […]

  “Remember, before you speak, it is necessary to listen,” Mother Theresa Arguments. Gossip. Hostility. Name-calling. Contempt. All this occurs in an atmosphere of wanting to be right, of not listening, of refusing to be slow enough to speak in order that we hear and learn. This kind of talking does nothing but stroke our […]

The Lord’s Prayer Redux Matthew 6:9-13 Oh, my sweet, heavenly Father, I gaze upon and am marveled by Your creation and glory this morning. The symmetry and patterns of a single leaf are revealed in the rising of Your sun.   Please let Your kingdom come upon this tired, fearful, broken, violent earth just as […]

Continued from Back to Basics, Part 3 Following Jesus is all or nothing. He tells us to follow his commands – all of them, not just the few we feel comfortable following. “My experience of many Christians is that we have it backwards. We want the power to point out sin; we want the credit […]


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