Being a new believer is joyful and exciting. And it’s confusing. And it’s sometimes difficult. Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28) For the very first time, you feel an immense relief. Your burden is lifted. You feel embraced by the love of the […]

Trio of red-breasted robins Singing sweetly in the bare tree Outside my window.   I only noticed Because I heard My cat speaking to them In quiet cat clips As cats are wont to do.   She hunches, not moving a muscle. The birds perch, warming themselves In the soft morning sun.   I pause […]

Oh, please don’t be confused, or assume I don’t know the Bible. It’s just that, as I was directed to several verses this morning, it seemed to me a letter is in order to the politicians running for the United States Presidency. As a reminder, the apostle Paul, who was in jail in Rome, wrote […]

When I forget to turn to God I feel a failure, broken, flawed But He contends I am a bud; Unfinished, saved with Jesus’ blood, still young and raw.   When I write words without Christ’s love Which came from me and were not of The Spirit’s prompting, I repent; His message I did circumvent, […]

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see beyond your flesh, your skin and bones? Do you see through your eyes to Jesus? To his love and grace for the human race? To the Father’s embrace for all his creation? Do you allow the Spirit’s light to shine through? Are […]

Lord Jesus, would You please reply The world’s in strife, You can’t deny We turn away from Your commands And scorn becomes our newest stand; I hear You cry.   For those who still in grace believe We ask Your healing to receive For who from love will abdicate Whose nations turn from love to […]

Love heals, love creates the desire to hear and see. Love opens the heart, dissolves fear and distrust. Love opens doors, creates pathways, softens downcast mouths, releases fists. How else will we let those around us know that we are the true followers of Jesus? John 13:34-35  So I give you a new command: Love […]

Out of all the ones You chose to love, Extend Your hand in loving grace You filled my eye, held my gaze And touched my fingertips. I rose, caught off guard. Now that I’m safe In Your arms I choose You.

The poet’s Hope has sweet song and feathers. My hope, sweet too, alive in small details Bursts forth when sight to Father is tethered.   His wings safeguard in all kinds of weather With power and peace which always prevails. The poet’s Hope has sweet song and feathers.   His fragrance floats in from fields […]

It’s Who You Know I’ve written many times before about our discipleship of love.  About discarding the chains that bind us to legalism , judgment and division. Yet somehow, we cling to those chains as if our life – our salvation – depended on it. As we study the Bible, attend Bible classes, or just […]


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